5 Tips for the Best Babymoon

Soon, your life and responsibilities will change forever, so why not take the time to completely relax today? A babymoon is a romantic getaway taken by parents sometime leading up to their baby’s birth – one “last hurrah” before the process of taking vacations will involve a lot more energy. New parents often need a break from the stress of pregnancy, and a real vacation can be just the ticket to recenter and enjoy your time together. Avila Lighthouse Suites is a great place for a babymoon, and we have a special package available for expecting parents! Learn more here, and read on for our tips on how to plan your own.

Choose your timing wisely.

Don’t let a vacation get in the way of keeping your body and baby safe. Plan a trip during the second trimester, and ideally somewhere you can drive. Some airlines do have restrictions against pregnant women traveling for safety reasons, and honestly, you will probably be more a lot more comfortable on land where you will deal with less travel uncertainties. Generally, a good travel window is when you are between 18 and 24 weeks pregnant; and try to stay within five hours from home to making driving by care more manageable.

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Pick a convenient location where you can do things together, like easy walks through town. While the two of you may have always dreamed about backpacking through Thailand or going skydiving, adventurous trips might not be in the cards this time around! Going to coastal destinations is generally a great choice, due to the pleasant weather and multitude of casual, relaxing activities offered. Keep in mind that you’re going on this vacation to take the pressure off, so a pleasant getaway with plenty of relaxation time will likely be more enjoyable than a big-city sightseeing romp.

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Pick the right room

The room you choose at your resort or hotel is something that can be tailored to your personal preference. If you have a hard time sleeping, either because of pregnancy or in general, you still want to make sure you’ll come out of your vacation rested. Call the hotel ahead of time to request a quieter room, and ask for suggestions. Additionally, with limited physical ability during pregnancy (and those swollen ankles), it’s important to pick a comfortable room that’s also convenient, so try request one that is as close as possible to all the sights and activities.

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Schedule some spa time.

After all, this vacation is meant for relaxation before you both will be busy with the baby, so book some appropriate spa time.  Massages are fine for pregnant women, as long as the massage therapist is aware of how far along they are and can accommodate the massage accordingly. Book a facial, massage, or couple’s treatment and you’ll see that getting pampered is just what the doctor ordered. When you stay at Avila Lighthouse Suites, enjoy a variety of services from the comfort of your very own suite by selecting a new treatment by Spa Avila, located on the hotel’s property.

Stay put.

While it might be tempting to check out a few new places, pick just one destination for your vacation.  Packing and unpacking multiple times is a fast way to exhaust you and kill the vacation buzz. Pick your hotel, and stick with it! Most destinations have all you need right on the hotel property, like a spa with great treatments, pool, dining, and more. When you feel completely rested and rejuvenated on the way home, we promise you’ll love your decision.



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