Cool Pool Games

School may be starting soon, but summer fun on the Central Coast is still heating up! With an abundance of warm, sunshiny days under the clear California sky, there’s no better way to soak up what’s left of summer than with a day by the pool.┬áTake in panoramic views of the glistening Pacific Ocean while you play like a kid again in the heated oceanfront pools at Avila Lighthouse Suites and Pismo Lighthouse Suites, the perfect backdrops to any #CentralCoasting family vacation. While you splash around in the pool, leave classic games like Marco Polo and Chicken Fights behind and opt for the cool pool games outlined below that are sure to be new favorites.

Squid Row

The person who has been┬áchosen to be “it” stands in the middle of the pool while the rest of the players line up on one side of the pool. Then, everyone tries to swim to the other side without being tagged by “it.” Those who do get tagged must hold hands with “it” in the middle of the pool and try to tag the other swimmers as they swim past towards the other side of the pool, like a Squid with multiple arms. Keep playing until all players have been tagged, then choose a new person to be “it” and start over.

Photo: (c) Marina Garcia


Remove the wrapping from a clear, 2-liter bottle with a cap that is the same color as the floor tiles of the pool, then fill it with pool water. Create two teams and line the players up in the water on opposite ends of the pool, facing away from the water. One of the players stands outside the pool and drops the bottle in the water. When the players in the water hear the splash, they can turn around and try to find the bottle. Because the clear bottle blends in and becomes seemingly invisible at the bottom of the pool, this game is actually a lot more difficult than it sounds! The team who finds the bottle first wins!

Photo: (c) @thekangaroos_


Like freeze tag, this game is about one person (“it”) trying to tag the other players. Designate an area in the pool where all players can stand with their head above water. Players can’t be tagged while swimming underwater, but when a player is tagged, they must stand frozen like a popsicle with their hands up in the air. Players can only be “thawed” when another player swims between his or her legs. Have someone else be “it” after a few minutes of playing and continue until everyone has had a chance to be “it.”

Photo: (c) @clancy10


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