Employee Spotlight: John Riedel

When the going gets tough, John Riedel gets going. For three years, John has served as Shore Cliff’s Maintenance supervisor, leading and training his staff to keep the hotel beautiful. The fine leadership skills he’s developed over his time with Martin Resorts are the exact reason that  John is being recognized during Customer Service Appreciation Week as one of our MVPs, and we couldn’t be happier to give him the credit he deserves.

The Golden Rule

When nominated, General Manager Barbara Parra shared just what makes John such a special employee, saying, “John handles everything with a smile on his face especially when things get rough.  He is calm, cool, and collected and has a great knowledge of his job. John is consistent and does not waiver in his demeanor. He is responsible and easy to work with.  He always goes above and beyond for our guests and is seen around property chatting with them.  He receives many guest reviews mentioning his name [and] has been chosen for employee of the month.”

The secret to John’s unwavering positivity and strong worth ethic can be attributed to his use of the Golden Rule. Although often brushed aside as an overused cliche, treating others how you’d like to be treated is exactly how John achieves outstanding customer service and promotes a contagious spirit of hospitality at Shore Cliff.

“I try to lead by example, I try to treat everybody with respect, and [try to] treat guests, co-workers, and vendors as I would like to be treated,” John said.

John leads by example by always taking the time to make someone feel special, whether they’re a guest or a co-worker. He doesn’t rely on a casual “hello” to make these connections, but instead engages whole-heartedly with others through both grand and smaller scale gestures. For instance, John “[likes] to bring donuts to share with people. That always brings a smile [to their face] and lets them know you care.” After all, who wouldn’t want to be greeted with a smile, a sincere conversation, and a donut to top it off?

Having held previous positions involving customer service, one of the major reasons John enjoys working at Shore Cliff is the level of service that Martin Resorts provides and promotes. However, John and employees like him are the reason this level of service is possible.

“I have seen with my own eyes from the top down—Noreen, Margret, Thomas, and Barbara tell me personally how they appreciate the job I do. I also tell those who work with me how I appreciate the job they do. I believe [feeling appreciated for what they do] goes a long way with people. I also believe we can relate this feeling to our guests,” John said.

John carries this feeling over to guests everyday, often talking with them to ensure that they have a pleasant experience during their stay. Once, when John was in a guest room fixing an issue with the TV , he noticed that their dog was acting strange. The guests mentioned that they had forgotten the dog’s blanket at home. After hearing this, John took it upon himself to find an old blanket on property and gave it to the guests, telling them that the dog could keep it. The guests couldn’t believe it, and greatly appreciated the thoughtful gesture. Actions like this are exactly why John is often approached by guests and told that they feel like a part of the Marin Resorts family.

John Off the Job

Before moving to the Central Coast to be with his wife, John lived in the Central Valley working with Turlock Gospel Mission where he helped the hurting and the homeless. It is evident that John carried this nurturing disposition over to his work at Shore Cliff, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the level of service he has been providing to our guests.

When he isn’t spreading happiness at work, John loves to fish at Lopez Lake. “I go fishing once a week and enjoy my time on the water. I love bass fishing. For me, the excitement of not knowing what is on the end of your line is exhilarating. I also love getting up early on my days off and watching the sun rise over the lake,” he said.

Lopez Lake, where John loves to fish.

Lopez Lake, where John loves to fish.

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