Employee Spotlight: Marci Reynoso

Originally from Bakersfield, Marci Reynoso moved to the Central Coast to start anew in a beautiful environment. She began her career with Martin Resorts at the Shore Cliff Lodge, where she worked for about a year until becoming pregnant. After her maternity leave, Marci returned to work to find out that the Paso Robles Inn was hiring. She immediately jumped at the chance to be closer to her home in Atascadero and has been working there since 2008.

Balancing Act

Serving as the Paso Robles Inn‘s Guest Service Supervisor, Accountant, and Sales Assistant, Marci wears many hats, and she pulls them off with impressive style and grace—landing her the last spot as a Martin Resorts MVP during this year’s Customer Service Appreciation Week celebration.

“Marci works tirelessly in multiple departments and always keeps a positive attitude,” said General Manager Erica Fryburger when she nominated Marci for the honor.

Her work ethic is proved day in and day out as Marci pours herself into every role that she takes on. As the Accountant, Marci handles the cash flow from The Steakhouse, pays out tips for the staff, and fixes any bill complaints that guests may have. As the Sales Assistant, she helps the Sales Manager with any tasks that need to be done. As the Guest Services Supervisor, Marci helps guests with any complaints and tries to resolve them in order to keep everyone as happy as possible. This is no easy task, as Marci is usually the one to deal with unhappy guests–so maintaining a positive attitude is crucial in ensuring guest satisfaction. In order to do this, Marci has found that  Authenticity and +HUMM are the most important of Martin Resort’s five core values to incorporate into her position.

“The mixture between Authenticity and +HUMM ensures that we are real people giving services. I always try to be a real person with everybody, not ever putting on a facade. I try to hear [guests] out and put myself in their shoes in order to understand where they’re coming from. With my position, I get the angry part a lot. Usually to deal with that if you start out nicely even when the guest is angry, it can transition into a nicer conversation whereas if you just attack them the way they’re attacking you, nothing is really achieved. You have to be the bigger person,” Marci said.

However, Leadership is also a core value that plays a major role in Marci’s secret to success. Marci seeks “promote a contagious spirit of hospitality” as the Martin Resorts mission states by leading through example. “I don’t like to ever ask somebody to do something that I would never be willing to do myself,” she explained, “So I make sure that I’m not above doing a task that I ask the Front Desk Associates to do.”

Extraordinary Connections

Although Marci is in a leadership role, she’s all about being a team player. According to Erica, Marci is also “always thinking up new and innovative ideas to help keep the team motivated. She has a kind spirit and truly cares about our guests and her fellow coworkers.” In fact, one of Marci’s favorite aspects of her position is that it gives her the opportunity to get to know different people across the properties and make meaningful connections with them. But one of these connections stands out more than all the others.

Last year, Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco stayed as a guest at the Paso Robles Inn while she was riding at the new horse park in town. “I was totally fan-girl excited. She stayed with us and had friends and family staying in a couple suites. I got to see her when she checked in and was like ‘oh my gosh!'” Marci revealed that other big named stars like Josh Brolin and Diane Lane have also stayed at the Paso Robles Inn before. As a self-proclaimed binge watcher, these moments have been some of Marci’s favorite memories while working at the Paso Robles Inn.

Free Falling in her Free Time

When she’s not juggling her three positions at work, Marci likes to read and watch TV, preferring to stay inside. However, Marci plans to step, or  jump out of her comfort zone eventually as she and her husband’s newest goal is to go skydiving together. “It sounds scary but if we’re strapped to another human being who knows what they’re doing, we’re probably good,” she laughed.


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