Our Favorite July #CentralCoasting Entries

Summer is flying by, but there’s much more fun to be had! As we gear up for August, we’re taking a look back at our Top 5 Favorite #CentralCoasting entries for the month of July. This month was full of fun events across the Central Coast, from Yoga Festivals and Wine Strolls to concerts at the California Mid-State Fair and Festival Mozaic performances. We loved seeing how everyone enjoyed #CentralCoasting throughout the month, and we always want to see more!

Every month, our #CentralCoasting competition gives participants a chance to win a free night’s stay at one of the Martin Resorts properties by submitting their Instagram photos with the hashtag #CentralCoasting. At the end of the month, the entries are compiled and one photo is randomly chosen as the winner! We had hundreds of submissions for the month of July, so we thought we’d share our five favorite shots. To see all the submissions, visit this webpage.

1. @resplendentlife 

Caption: “The easiest activity I do for my kids is to take them outdoors. I put the beauty in front of them, then creation captures and reels them in. I don’t have to plan anything, get supplies, or facilitate. It’s a time for me to breathe and a time for them to use their imagination.”

What We Love: We love seeing kids enjoy playing outdoors! The Central Coast is a beautiful playground, ready for the curious at heart to explore. Tidepooling is just one of the many activities your entire family will enjoy. Jessica and her family are #CentralCoasting experts, raising the next generation of adventurers! Check out her blog or give her a follow to keep up with their next outing!

Photo: (c) @resplendentlife

2. @vanessaolguin

Caption: “Lionel Rchie opening night!’

What We Love: The California Mid-State Fair is one of the biggest events on the Central Coast! Vanessa’s entry captures some of our favorite things about the fair: good beer, delicious food, and amazing performances! An avid #CentralCoasting family, Vanessa and her family do a great job of showing us how to live like locals!

Photo: (c) @vanessaolguin

3. @dianemsw

Caption: “#CentralCoasting living the dream”

What We Love: We love to see our guests kick up their feet, crack open a cold one, and enjoy the view from our properties’ oceanfront balconies! When you stay at a Martin Resorts property all you have to do is sit back and relax, and we’ll take care of the rest! Cheers, Diane!

Photo: (c) @dianemsw

4. @cuatroplayas

(No Caption)

What We Love: Over the past month, Mark has been sharing amazing photography from his iPhone 6s and Nikon D80. His colorful shots capture the undeniable beauty of the Central Coast, featuring some of the most iconic Pismo Beach landmarks, like the Shore Cliff Hotel gazebo in the photo below!

Photo: (c) @cuatroplayas

And the winner is… @paydayjay!

Of the 200+ #CentralCoasting entries we received this month, Jay was randomly chosen as our #CentralCoasting Contest winner! Congratulations, Jay!

What We Love: This adorable husky shows us how dog-friendly is done on the Central Coast, exploring some of our beautiful beaches and playing in the sun!

Photo: (c) @paydayjay


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