Certified Angus Beef at the Paso Robles Inn Steakhouse

The Paso Robles Inn Steakhouse is proud to now serve Certified Angus Beef entrées! Certified Angus Beef must pass 10 added quality standards regarding marbling, maturity, sizing, appearance and tenderness. In fact only 1 in 4 Angus cattle meets the brand’s high standards. These standards are not required of USDA Prime, Choice and Select grades and makes Certified Angus Beef a cut above the rest. The Paso Robles Inn Steakhouse is now officially offering their guests premium quality beef to each table. Abundantly flavorful. Incredibly tender. Naturally juicy. We encourage you to order and taste the difference!

Enter To Win An Overnight Stay with Martin Resorts

At the end of September, Martin Resorts launched #CentralCoasting for Instagram. #CentralCoasting is a way for guests to show how they Central Coast! Once a photo is posted to a public Instagram account with our contest hashtag #CentralCoasting the photo will appear on Martin Resorts Central Coasting webpage. Each month a photo will be selected and it’s owner will win an overnight stay at their choice of one of our five locations including Pismo Lighthouse Suites, BESTWESTERN PLUS Shore Cliff Lodge, Inn at the Cove, Avila Lighthouse Suites, and Paso Robles Inn. Visit www.centralcoasting.net to see what other fellow central coasters…