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5 Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

We all seem to have increasingly busy and stressful lifestyles, and aren’t doing enough to keep ourselves relaxed and happy. Enter massage therapy. Apart from simply feeling amazing, massages have a host of benefits for out mental and physical health. Massage contributes to a natural connection with our bodies and thoughts, and improves relaxation after just one session. Here are five health benefits to massages:



1. Lower Stress

Stress is a natural part of life, but when we are stressed for sustained amounts of time, it adversely affects our health by putting us in a position of “distress”. According to WebMD, this condition is related to headaches, high blood pressure, heart problems, depression, and anxiety, among other negative symptoms. Massages are one solution to help reduce the feeling on stress. Research shows that massage can lower your heart rate and blood pressure and relax your muscles. Additionally, the “feel-good” chemicals, endorphins, are released in your body during a massage, effectively improving your mood and decreasing the negative symptoms of distress.

2. Manage Pain

Many people with chronic pain turn to massages for relief from the symptoms. Studies show that massage therapy naturally increases seratonin, a chemical in your body which naturally relieves pain. Deep sleep is also important to help fight pain in your body, and massages make it more possible to experience deep sleep for those experiencing chronic pain. Additionally, massages help lower anxiety and improve your mood. These benefits have been found helpful for people experiencing arthritis and osteoporosis. Massages can also be helpful for other conditions: such as recurrent headaches or rehabilitation after an injury. Ultimately, massage therapy helps your body feel its best.

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3. Boost mental health and wellness

For anyone suffering from anxiety, depression, or stress, massage therapy is a natural and useful choice. A study from the International Journal of Neuroscience showed that with patients with depression, 2 40-minute massages weekly were more effective at reducing their depressive symptoms than patients who exercised twice a week instead. While exercise is often a great solution for mental health, it is shown that massages can help in different ways. Massage can help you reach deep sleep later in the day, which is essential to improve or maintain your mental health. Additionally, therapists can target the areas in your body, such as your shoulders or your upper back, where you carry that extra stress from anxiety or depression.

4. Relaxes Muscles

The daily stress of weight, improper posture, or repetitive movements can put a strain on your back or other areas. Strain in these areas can lead to spasms, tense muscles, and pain in your upper back, hips, glutes, and hamstrings. Massage therapy can help relax these tense muscles, while also reducing the pain that comes along with the over-strained areas. The pressure from a massage brings oxygen and other nutrients into the affected muscles, allowing them to properly relax and heal. Massage also softens these muscles, relieving the tension and stiffness that is frequently associated with strained areas in the body. You’ll find increased flexibility, less pain in areas like your shoulders or upper back, and relaxation in your body and your mind.

5. Encourages Relaxation

When experiencing stress in our busy lifestyles, the body produces an unhealthy amount of “the stress hormone” cortisol. A build-up of this hormone can lead to problems sleeping, weight gain, and digestive problems. To combat these negative effects, we need to find a way to relax even in our busy lives. Massage is one solution that specifically reduces the amount of cortisol in your body. The benefits of massage, including relaxation, lowered stress, and improved mood, continue to be felt even after the massage is over. Teaching your body how to relax during a massage makes you more capable to completely relax when its time to calm down. Ultimately, finding this kind of deep relaxation improves your mental outlook. encourages a positive attitude, promotes a natural state of mental alertness, and helps you think calmly and creatively.


Massages improve happiness and health


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