5 Tips for Planning a 3-day Weekend Getaway

In the midst of the cold late winter months, most Americans get antsy and spend workdays dreaming of a break or a vacation. While many wish for a way to recharge, a vacation might still seem out of the question. However, that is not the case! A three-day weekend getaway to a nearby beach or quaint town can be just the way to de-stress. Plus, these short trips can be very affordable if taking advantage of great deals and winter promotions. For us here at Martin Resorts, if you stay three days at one of our hotels, you’ll save $100 off your booking. Take advantage of President’s Day this coming Monday and spend three days relaxing, hiking, drinking wine, walking the beach, and enjoying the Central Coast. Here are five tips for planning your three-day weekend getaway:

Use Vacation Time

54% of American workers end the year without using all of their allotted paid vacation days. But experts say that taking enough vacation time is a healthy decision, which can actually improve your productivity, mental health, and physical well-being. And if you’re allotted a certain amount of days off, why not use all of them? A great way to use vacation days throughout the year is by taking a Friday or Monday off to create a nice, long weekend. Rather than saving all vacation days for a 2-week excursion, you can use your days throughout the year and have breaks to look forward to all year.

Photo: (c) Project Time Off

Be flexible about the destination

Especially if you’re planning this getaway on the spur of the moment, the best destination for you might not be the first place you planned for. Off-season vacations can offer a lot of great deals in fantastic places you might not have thought of before. However, the location of your hotel accommodations is very important because, for a vacation on the shorter side, you’ll want to be right where the action is. On the Central Coast, our hotels in Paso Robles, Pismo Beach, and Avila Beach offer three very different locales with unique experiences—all of which are walking distance from great destinations.

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Keep your luggage light

Don’t fall victim to the classic trap of overpacking! For only three days, you won’t need half the things you think you do. Pack light on clothing and bring layers, so that you can save room in your luggage for souvenirs and not feel weighed down by excessive stuff. Click here to view our guide, “8 Tips for Packing for the Family.”

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Bring snacks

For a three-day on-the-go vacation, hopefully, with hiking, outdoor activities, or lots of walking, you’ll need to fuel up. Plan on eating meals out, but definitely bring snacks, like trail mix and fruit, to tide you over in between. Especially if you’re traveling with kids, snacks are essential to keep everyone healthy, happy, and energized. Need some inspiration for healthy, on-the-go snacks? We have a blog for that.

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Have fun!

If you’re on a budget, there are a number of free and low-cost activities along the Central Coast. Especially because our natural surroundings are so rich and diverse, you can spend a lot of time hiking and exploring without spending a penny. But most importantly, don’t plan too much for your vacation – just be comfortable in the art of tuning out, and take time for yourself to simply be present.