5 Tips for Planning a Central Coast Wedding

We can’t really over-hype how great the Central Coast is for weddings. While California has many fantastic venues and wedding industries, the Central Coast’s smaller size, naturally gorgeous locations, and minimal traffic and congestion make it an ideal place to plan, execute, and enjoy your special day. From vineyards to oceanfront hotels, ranches to churches, the variety of venues available on the Central Coast mean that you can easily live your dream wedding theme. Plus, the Central Coast offers a huge market for industry professionals, like wedding planners, caterers, videographers, beauty artists, and more who specialize in gorgeous events and will have great ideas to share with you—all of whom will be at the Wedding & Special Event Expo at the Paso Robles Inn Ballroom on March 4th. Before the big event, here are some tips for planning a Central Coast wedding to get you started:

Guests Come First

Before diving headfirst into wedding preparations for your Central Coast Wedding, make a list of all the guests you would like to include in your wedding. The number of people coming can determine so many things: from the venues you can comfortably fit in, to the food and flowers that you order for delivery on the day of. So cast a wide net of people you want to invite, keeping in mind that some of them won’t be able to attend, and start to make your wedding preparation plans based on that number.

Photo: (c) Cameron Ingalls

Consider Venue

The best part about planning a wedding on the Central Coast is getting to look at and visit so many pristine, beautiful venues. The plethora of wineries means that many of us have a chance to say vows overlooking rolling vineyards, and seaside locales are just as romantic and frequent on the Central Coast. You really can’t go wrong. Check out this good comprehensive list of wedding venues from small to large for some inspiration.

Photo: (C) Kristyn Villars Photography

Use Recommendations

Despite having so many options, the Central Coast wedding scene is actually pretty small. If you’re getting married here, use recommendations from other professionals in order to make sure that all the people you hire to work on the wedding are local. That way, it’ll be easier to consolidate plans and have parts of the team work together, than if some people are located in the Bay Area or in Los Angeles. So, ask your photographer who they recommend for flowers, or ask your venue manager who they usually work with for catering. It can really help if there’s an established business relationship between the two already, as well!

Look for Rooms

Sometimes, hotels allow you to block out rooms for a great number of guests for a big event. Figure out for sure how many people you think will be coming, and then start talking to large hotels about accommodating those guests. Sometimes hotels will offer deals for a great number of rooms booked at once. And with the Central Coast as a quite popular destination, especially in popular times like late spring and summer, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared further ahead of time.

Photo: (c) Jason and Laura Photography

Consider something extra

You deserve something cool, unique, and special to you personally for the big day. Wedding films are a great option to memorialize your relationship, and videographers and photographers increasingly offer this option, including those on the Central Coast. Also, for a great photo op, you can rent a classic car from this local company that offers colorful retro cars that look fantastic on camera. Finally, as far as music goes, the Central Coast has a great variety of DJs, so be sure to pick the right one that will play all your favorite songs and genres!

Photo: (c) Cameron Ingalls