Central Coast Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Ideas

The classic bachelor or bachelorette party conjures up wild, party-fueled images, but that version of a party, as shown in thousands of shows and films, isn’t the only way to go! Ultimately, the point is to get together with friends and spend a fun time together before the wedding takes place, and that goal can be accomplished in many ways. From a wild and adventurous sojourn to Vegas, to a chill and relaxed camping trip in the wilderness, the choice depends on the group’s preference and personality. Some even ditch the gender-separated party idea and bring “bachelors” and “bachelorettes” to celebrate together. If you need some inspiration on planning a bachelor/bachelorette party for yourself or a friend, here are some ideas for great locales, many of which are great choices for the Central Coast.

Bachelorette Parties

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is becoming an increasingly popular bachelorette party idea as of late. Specify a dress code for all the ladies, bring some souvenirs (like tiaras and a sash for the bride), and book a wine tour service, so that you won’t have to worry about driving from winery to winery! On the Central Coast, choose between Paso Robles wine country or Edna Valley, or make a whole weekend out of it and explore both gorgeous regions! Convenient hotels that cater for wine tourists include the Inn at the Cove and Paso Robles Inn.

Madonna Inn

The Madonna Inn’s photographic kitsch is tailor-made for an over-the-top bachelorette party. With a dining room that is decked floor to ceiling with pink decorations, and bathrooms with fountains and ornate detailing, visiting the inn is an event in itself that a group would really enjoy – and great for photo ops. The whole hotel has a spa and tennis court, or it could be a great stopping point for dinner or cake before heading downtown to bars or restaurants in San Luis Obispo.

Photo: (c) carmencitta.me

Spa Trip

Honestly, the wedding is going to be fun, but also exhausting. So why not take some time to relax? A spa trip for bachelorettes is also a good use of time, because it can give the ladies who are in the wedding the pampering they’d like (nails/massages/facials) before the big day. Regardless, this is a crowd-pleasing bachelorette outing that everyone would enjoy, and can be tailored into an afternoon trip to a local spa, or a weekend getaway that could involve other games, delicious meals, and shopping in addition to pampering. Try the Inn at the Cove‘s spa or the Paso Robles Inn!

Photo: (c) riyamedspa.com

Bachelor Parties

Beer tasting tour/games

Craft breweries abound along the California coast. Some great local breweries around the Central Coast include Firestone Walker, Barrelhouse, and Tap-It brewing. A beer tour gives everyone a casual, laid-back way to catch up, while playing fun games like cornhole that breweries usually have on tap.

Photo: (C) Tap It Brewing

Camping trip in wilderness of Big Sur

To really get away from the stress of it all, a camping trip is ideal. Bring materials for a campfire, barbecue, and plenty of beer and you’ll have the makings for a great weekend. On the Central Coast, Big Sur is great for camping trips, and the many hike options that are available are great for the daytime, some of which go straight to the beach.

Photo: (c) Reddit


A golf excursion is also a great idea for a bachelor party, and one which can easily be its own main event, or a day-time activity before hitting the town the same night. On the Central Coast, there are numerous golf ranges where you can get together with a whole group of people. You might even want to check out the Central Coast Golf Trail which offers access to 11 of SLO county’s best golf courses, including Sea Pines Golf Resort—the hub of the trail!

Photo: (c) @calpolysurfteam