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Fun at Work: 5 Ways to Amp Up Your Office

Many people spend a great amount of time each week at work, so it makes sense to try to have some fun while there! National Fun at Work day was on Monday, January 28th, and is meant to encourage workers to amp up their regular workday by participating in fun games and events that are easy to integrate into the office. There are actually significant benefits to goofing off at work. According to the authors of 301 Ways to Have Fun at Work, organizations that do fun activities at work enjoy a host of benefits, including lower levels of absenteeism, greater job satisfaction, increased productivity, and less downtime. Who knows, the team might have such an enjoyable time that you can add more fun activities daily or weekly! Here are 5 ways to have fun at work.

Dress-up themes

Designate a day of the week, maybe Friday which is already usually casual, for a theme dress up day! Check with the team and see what they’d like to do. Some ideas are Onesie Day, Animal Day, Sports Day, or Tourist Day. In honor of the upcoming Winter Olympics, you could also ask people to choose a country and dress-up like the country, and maybe bring along a snack from the country’s culture for lunch!


Having music on in the background can help make repetitive tasks more enjoyable. Blast some up-beat, happy music from the office speakers to bring a little more fun and enjoyment to a work day that might be more boring; maybe one where everyone is filling out expense reports or doing some busy work.

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Ice Cream Party

A lunchtime or after work ice cream party can be super fun. Bring along toppings, like marshmallows, mini cookies, sprinkles, and whipped cream and ask everyone their favorite flavor. You can also do a similar “bar” with warm drinks during the winter; like hot chocolate and apple cider to liven up a day in the doldrums.

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Company Trivia Night

After work one day, try out a trivia night! Decide on the rules before you start, and find an MC because it can make the night go a little bit more smoothly. Decide if you want to have a theme or just general knowledge. You could also do trivia based on your company or your industry! People love trivia contests and showing off their knowledge in a competitive way, and it’s a great way for socializing outside of work!

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Guess Who Photo Contest

Ask employees to bring in old photos of themselves, their parents, or their pets and host a contest trying to match each photo to the right employee. The photos can be put up on a bulletin board, and people can guess their answers by putting an index card into a nearby box. This activity can go throughout the entire week, and reveal the true answers at the end of the week!

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