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Luxury Activities on a Budget

Everyone wants to have a luxurious and relaxing vacation, but not everyone wants or is able to spend the cash that inevitably comes along with it. What can someone craving a glamorous getaway do? With a little bit of advance planning and technique, you can enjoy the best luxury activities without breaking the bank. Here are some tips for luxury activities on a budget.

Planning Ahead

Look into travelling in the off-season or take advantage of holiday deals. Do your research! Sometimes you’ll save a lot of money just by looking around at all the specials that are offered in your destination of choice. Consider the off-season – January and February are notoriously slow for tourism, but there some of the most beautiful months here on the Central Coast. Going against the grain can work in your favor for lower prices, less crowds, and a generally more peaceful and luxurious experience.

(c) californiabeaches.com
(c) californiabeaches.com

Spa Days

In addition to checking local spas beforehand to ensure that you’re getting the best deal and taking advantage of any specials, be selective about which spa activities you might buy. While everyone would love an entire day being pampered at the spa, you can sometimes get just one activity or service and sometimes have access to the spa for an extended amount of time. On the Central Coast, a great way to have a luxury spa experience is by visiting the hot springs. Go at night for a beautiful and pampering experience that you won’t soon forget. At Sycamore Springs in Avila Beach, it’s only $14.50 – $18.50 per person for an hour of these restorative hot springs. Additionally, some massage therapy spas offer reduced rates if it’s your first time there, like Massage Envy, so look into those routes as well.

(c) sycamoresprings.com
(c) sycamoresprings.com

Special Events

Consider planning your next trip around a special event in your own life, like an anniversary or birthday. Some companies, restaurants and spas offer discounted rates for these types of events – just make sure to let them know about your special day! It’ll make your day that much sweeter if you know that you’re saving money while you’re celebrating.


Dining Out

If you have your heart set on visiting some of the best restaurants in the region, then be thrifty by going for brunch or lunch when the prices will be much cheaper than the dinner menu. You’ll get the same glamorous experience for much less cash! Additionally, pay attention to the restaurants you’re going to. Highly-ranked restaurants in the city center of a town, while they may be amazing, can often cater to tourists and have the freedom to charge twice as much. Ask some locals what their favorite restaurants are, and you might be lucky enough to find a dining experience that’s just as good for a lot less money.


There you have it – tips for having a glamorous and luxurious vacation without spending too much money! Keep Martin Resorts’ properties in mind when you’re planning your next getaway: You can escape to Avila Beach, Pismo Beach, or Paso Robles today!

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