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Must-See Venues of Festival Mozaic

Festival Mozaic, while originally a festival to celebrate Mozart and his music, has since evolved into a celebration of classically-inspired music and the beauty of our own Central Coast landscape. In years past, there have been a variety of different venues in which world-class musicians perform and share their love of the genre, and this year is no different. To learn more about this stand-out festival, click here, or read on to discover some of the most fascinating, gorgeous, and historic venues that Festival Mozaic will make use of later this month.

Tolosa Winery

The sun-drenched vineyards of Tolosa Winery provide an inspiring and thoughtful backdrop for an exploration of some of history’s most captivating music. This year, the event at Tolosa will feature a farm-to-table meal, followed by an inquiry and performance of Oliver Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time, which was first performed in a German work camp during World War Two. Tolosa Winery, which is located in the rolling hills of Edna Valley, is one of the most scenic vineyards in San Luis Obispo wine country and has a lovely private outdoor seating area.

Photo: (c) Tolosa Winery

Serra Chapel

This gorgeous chapel, atop a single peak of the expansive Paso Robles landscape, is striking in both its isolation from other structures, as well as its uninterrupted views of the rolling hills that surround the Central Coast. This unique chapel was built by a Shandon resident, and former advisor to President Reagan, who died in 2013. A tree-lined path leads up the chapel, with its Spanish and mission-style architecture that stands in contrast with its surroundings. You won’t want to miss coming to Serra Chapel for the festival, where you’ll be able to hear Scarlatti and Bach pieces while taking in the beauty of this unforgettable chapel at Festival Mozaic’s Baroque in the Vines series.

Photo: (c) Festival Mozaic

Fremont Theater

The historic Fremont Theater is one of the most famous landmarks of San Luis Obispo. A streamline modern theater built in 1942, the Fremont is colored in bright pink on the front with recognizable and stylish lettering that is well-known to local residents. In addition to being used in the Mozaic Festival, the San Luis Obispo Film Festival also makes extensive use of the Fremont, as its large seating availability, stylish interior, and high ceilings make it a great venue for all sorts of events far beyond movies. This year at the Fremont, composer Stephen Prutsman will perform music from the jazz age, followed by three classic silent films including “Mighty Like a Mouse” with an orchestra accompaniment… this event will surely take you back in time!

Photo: (c) San Luis Obispo Vacations

Dallidet Adobe

The Dallidet Adobe and its manicured surrounding gardens are a true gem in San Luis Obispo, and this historic landmark has been around since the 1850’s! Enjoy a festive brunch with fun French music with flutist Alice Dade, violinist Luke Fleming, and harpist Meredith Clark at the Dallidet Adobe.  You won’t want to miss this lovely and relaxed morning event, exploring the best in French music in a gorgeous and pristine venue!

Photo: (c) SLOtography

Mission San Luis Obispo / Mission Plaza

Perhaps the truest, and most well-known, landmark of San Luis Obispo is its Mission, which was created by Spanish missionaries in the 19th century along the world-famous California Missions trail. The classic Spanish architecture and steps overlook Mission plaza, with space for events and a common meeting place, as well as the creek that rolls through the center of town. Inside the mission, you can hear the classic Vivaldi piece “The Four Seasons,” among others, and reflect on the Spanish art and background of our Central California town.

Photo: (c) Wikipedia

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