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Martin Resorts’ Little Free Libraries

Martin Resorts  is proud to announce that the installation of our Little Free Libraries was completed on Saturday, November 8. Each library is representative of the California Coast Community around it. We were excited to find that at each property including Avila Lighthouse Suites, Pismo Lighthouse Suites, BEST WESTERN Shore Cliff Lodge, and Paso Robles Inn had guests who were aware of the cause and stopped to talk about the libraries!  The Inn at the Cove will have it’s Little Free Library after construction is finished.

Some fun facts about some of the books guests will find in our Little Free Libraries are as follows:

– Shore Cliff Lodge has books in 4 languages!

– Avila Lighthouse Suites has books for children as well as books about the ocean!

Stop by and see our Little Free Libraries today! To learn more visit: www.littlefreelibrary.org

They are both beautiful and meaningful!

Avila Lighthouse Suites Little Free Library      IMG_2127  Paso Robles Inn Little Free Library

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