5 Ways to Enjoy Beer on the Central Coast

Craft Beer is having its moment, all across the country! IPAs and microbreweries galore have been popping up around San Luis Obispo County, and it’s heaven for anyone who really enjoys beer.

Visiting Brewers featured at the California Festival of Beers

Here on the Central Coast, we are spoiled with immediate access to local breweries and distilleries. With so many beers to choose from on our own turf, sometimes we can forget about all the other amazing breweries from around the nation that we¬†have yet to try. Luckily, at the California Festival of Beers happening Memorial Day weekend at the Madonna Inn, you’ll have the chance to sample beers from local breweries and visiting breweries alike. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the brewers who don’t call the Central Coast their home: Deschutes Brewery – Oregon Central Oregon’s flagship brewpub,…