7 Fun Events to Celebrate Bike Month

Happy Bike Month! Biking regularly boosts your mood, fitness, and heart, and can even shave time off your commute! Whether you live in an area like the Central Coast with smaller amounts of traffic or a major metropolis, biking can boost your mood when you don’t have to deal with rush-hour traffic and congestion.

Cycling Trails in Spring

Spring is the perfect time to try out a new biking trail – we certainly don’t have any shortage of scenic trails in San Luis Obispo County, and the weather is perfect to spring into a new exercise routine with family or friends. Especially with the Amgen Tour racing through San Luis Obispo county this week, let these athletes inspire you to add a new trail to your repertoire and explore our natural environment. The professional cycling tour takes place in phases, with different legs of the trip from northern to southern California. Cyclists will arrive at Morro Bay for…