Local’s Guide to 4th of July on the Central Coast

With red tinted sunsets, white sandy beaches, and the deep blue ocean, the Central Coast is a patriotic place to be this Fourth of July. If you’re coming in to visit for this fun packed weekend, don’t miss out on the festivities, and follow these insiders tips to make sure you have a fun, exciting, and safe Fourth of July, whatever you feel like doing!

Your Ultimate 2018 Summer Bucket List

Another summer, another bevy of activities to enjoy in the sun-soaked Central Coast. The natural world and pleasant weather makes this area a haven for outdoor enthusiasts all summer long.

Kid-Friendly Summer Activities

Summer on the Central Coast is a dream come true: bright, sunny skies, cool Pacific Ocean waters, blooming vineyards, and plenty of fun activities to enjoy! This summer, pause some of the kid’s complaining from summer boredom with a visit to the Central Coast. There are endless activities and destinations that the whole family can enjoy, from celebrations in Avila Beach to cooling off in Paso Robles. The best part is, these kid-approved activities will entertain them all day without breaking the bank! Head to these fun #CentralCoasting destinations for a summer full of memories that will last a lifetime….

Best Central Coast Surf Spots

The Central Coast is known for its picturesque beaches: crystal clear, blue waters, salty ocean air, and tons of beach-goers enjoying the sandy shore. The sun days and cloudless skies that are so common to the area bring tons of visitors and residents to our shores to enjoy the Pacific Ocean and all it has to offer. The most popular surf spots on the Central Coast are perfect for every person, whether you’re the most seasoned veteran or you just enjoy watching the magic of riding waves from the sand. These beaches are the best places to work on your…

National Burger Day Recipes for Summer BBQs!

Summer barbecues are the perfect way to enjoy warm nights and great company. Although summer seems like it may be coming to an end, the weather is still great here on the Central Coast.  This leaves plenty of time for you to get outside with your loved ones to enjoy great food and great company. Your barbecue menu can be repetitive though, and there are some many ways to spice up your burgers with more than just cheese, lettuce, and tomato! To celebrate National Burger Day today, gather some of these more unique ingredients to create the best burgers ever! Big…