couple walking on the beach at sunset

Not Your Average Valentine’s Day: 4 Ways to Spice Up Date Night

Valentine’s Day is a special time everywhere in the world, but here on the Central Coast, we like to celebrate with more than just a dinner or a night out! We are lucky to be home to tons of different activities, like hiking, dining, and outdoor adventures. If you’ll be visiting the Central Coast this Valentine’s Day, try out these ways we celebrate! Even if you won’t be here in San Luis Obispo County for Cupid’s favorite holiday, customize these above average suggestions to match your city, and live like a true Central Coaster!

How to Celebrate National Lighthouse Day

229 years ago today, Congress approved an Act for the establishment and support of lighthouse, buoys, beacons, and public piers. Ever since then, lighthouses along our coasts have been serving as beacons of light leading wayward sailors back to safety, back to home.