Where to Grab Avocados & Margaritas

On the Central Coast, we say avocados and margaritas are a match made in heaven. Refeshing margaritas meet with a wide selection of avocado dishes in countless restaurants from Pismo Beach to Paso Robles. Whether its taco tuesday, or just time for a delicious, California-style meal, our guide to the best avocado and margaritas has got you covered!

Luna Red

Located next to the historic Mission in San Luis Obispo, Luna Red offers innovative and interesting latin-inspired margaritas and dishes featuring delicious California Avocados. Luna Red’s resident margarita may hide behind the moniker “sangria rosita”, but do not be fooled! This unique drink has all the qualities of the fantastic Mexican drink we all love, and more. Made from hibiscus blanco tequila, mint, organic blood orange liquer, cranberry, citrus, and crushed berries, this one-of-a-kind take on a margarita will have you calling for seconds.

As for avocado-inclusive fare, Luna Grill runs the gamut from delicious ceviches, appetizers topped with avocado pesto, tortilla soup, tacos, and paella. Each of these spicy, Latin dishes is complimented beautifully by the mild flavor and texture of ripe California-grown avocados.

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Zorro’s Pismo Beach

Zorro’s is home to authentic Mexican Food, recently named among the Best of SLO County Restaurants 2017. The local favorite offers all the usual Mexican fare (with no shortage of avocado) and Central Coast favorites, including clam chowder bread bowls, fish and chips, and tri tip. The restaurants signature drink, the Mariachi Margarita, is offered in a variety of favors and styles: on the rocks, or blended; original, mango, or strawberry flavored.

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Ventana Grill

Ventana Grill’s gorgeous location is just an added layer to their fantastic margaritas and avocado dishes. You will find avocado in many of the gorgeous restaurant’s appetizers, as well as a handful of entrees.

Ventana Grill offers a wide variety of margaritas, with optional cadillac variation. For the brave of heart and tastebud, Ventana also offers the “El Jefe” Margarita: a classic margarita with a kick of jalapeno.

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Traveler’s Tip: Stay at the neighboring Shore Cliff Hotel for close proximity to the best avocados and margaritas on California’s Central Coast.

Morro Bay Avocado & Margarita Festival

Visit the Morro Bay Avocado & Margarita Festival this weekend for this second annual celebration of Central Coast agriculture and lifestyle. This year, the Festival will be hosting vendors from all over the Central Coast to share their take on avocado-infused dishes. In addition to the variety of foods made with avocados, there will be a sombrero contest, and a raffle for a year’s supply of avocados.

This year’s cocktail vendor is Paso Robles’s own YES Cocktail Co. Committed to creating cocktails free of artificial flavors and sweeteners, YES will be serving up delicious, no-nonsense margaritas at the 2017 Avocado & Margarita Festival this Saturday. There will be one main bar, with several smaller bars, each offering a special twist on the basic margarita. Blended, or on the rocks? Jalapeno, Blood Orange, or Original? Michelada, anyone? This weekend, the choice is yours. For more information and tickets, please visit the Festival’s website.

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